Monday, October 11, 2010

Donald Duck and Glenn Beck Remix


  1. Love this remixed duck because:

    1. The story evolves--it's not just a static illustration of a single idea

    2. The Duck animation looks so dang good--pulling it out of the original shorts (which often feel remedial, with ponderous storytelling) really shows off how physically fun the Diz animation of that period could be--you can tell they enjoyed designing movement.

    3. Beck's voice is surprisingly suited to anim work! So broad, rhythmically varied & expressive, it really fits the universe. Would fit seamlessly with all the other (wunderbar) voices (Calrence Nash et al) if Beck had been recorded on the same old-timey analog equipment.

    4. It's pretty good as a story even without the present-day political message--made you wish Walt and the gang had done more of this stuff back then...Push the duck as a raging everyman--with this mash-up, he's found his best role yet!